Are you a Business owner, Solopreneur or Entrepreneur or Are you seeking a skill acquisition? You are on the right platform.

The one month certification online training is an enabling opportunity to help design and develop your business; either a physical business or an innovative idea waiting to be brought to fruition. Come learn practical interactive steps on how to design from scratch and effectively manage a website, as well as learning how best to market your business online using social media platforms.

free domain name & hosting would be given upon total registration. The fun doesn’t stop there, the training also encompasses practical step by step procedures on how to market a website for traffic, revenue, SEO Ranking, and it is participant innovative to suit your comfort and convenience.

This is an enabling opportunity with so many offers for a lifetime skill. To mention are

  1. You can start up as an IT Freelancer working with organizations needing the service of a web designer and media management.
  2. Self develop and manage your business website to taste.
  3. Saves you the stress & extra cost of paying someone else to get your work done.
  4. Gives a sense of relevance to entrepreneurship, you as a person and the society at large.

Please Note: A fee of ₦25,000 or more has to be made prior to the commencement of the training.

Web Registration


For quick chat and inquiry please contact any of the numbers displayed on image. Thanks.


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