Welcome to eShop an online smart market where we meet up with the needs of sellers to increase sales and get their products across the state as well as consumers needs on demand of a particular product.

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ESHOP OFFICIAL WEBSITE: eshop.chiexclusive.com

For businesses looking for a platform to increase sales and online business/branding awareness, CHI-Exclusive eShop is the best online platform to sign onto with a token registration fee.

You can be a vendor on our website with just very easy steps, click on the register page (from menu bar) and create an account as a vendor registering your business name, and other vital information. Once you’re registered, click on my account to view dashboard and get uploading or contact eShop Admin to help with uploading for you.

Benefits of Signing up as a Vendor on eShop

1. Increase in sales of your business.
2. Having efficient customer service.
3. E-Commerce payment: whenever you are online or offline, a full product purchasing process can be done on our website.
4. Google Presence: when your business is searched on google, eShop provides your online store as first hand result.
5. You get free advertisement on our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram).

For further inquiry or assistance with signing up; send us a message using the whatsapp icon.

To be assured we are dealing with trusted sellers; there’s a two step verification on the seller dashboard which includes verifying your account with a valid id (National ID, Driver’s Licence or International Passport) and a valid shop or house address. Upon filling this; the vendor gets a verified account.

An excluisve online mall with the best of shopping services for both buyers and sellers

Shopping has been made easy with us as we offer amazing products with great price deal for our customers, compared to other e-commerce competitors. eShop is the newest rising online mall for all with the convenience of shopping on your smart phones, tablets or laptops from your home or office with speedy accessibility and delivery within 2-5 days max.

We will love to have you patronize and shop with us.

For more inquiry please send us a message using the whatsapp icon or click on the contact us page to get in touch.



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