Raving afro beats singer, Balogun Oluwaloseyi, popularly known as Seyi Vibez, has revealed the formula to success in the showbiz space as a combination of self-belief, trust in God, hard work, and relentless pushing.

The ‘Chance’ singer, who gained mainstream attention in 2022, said this after performing for the participants of the Gidi Creative Center of the University of Lagos.

The emerging Nigerian creative space welcomes 200 new participants as the Lagos State Creative Industry Initiative graduates inaugural participants at the Gidi Creative Center of the University of Lagos.

With the Nigerian showbiz space already generating a lot of attention, more individuals, organisations, and governments continue to look for ways to catalyze the industry and expand the value chain.


“We want to create jobs for our youth and get them off the street. We want to create more people in the industry because we know that’s what we export to the world,” the Commissioner of Art, Culture and Tourism, Toke Benson-Awoyinka, said on why Lagos State is investing in the creative industry.

The Gidi Creative Center provides capacity building in various segment of the creative space including in filmmaking, music and fashion world. This, according to the technical partners, will reduce the ‘hit and miss’ probability in an industry that was founded and initially driven by self taught practitioners.

According to the founder of Ogidi Studios and Temple Management, Idris Olorunnimbe, the facilitators of the Gidi Creative Center, “what we are doing is what everybody who has taken the industry serious should be doing”.

“Without it we’ll continue to experiment and the importance of learning this way is that you learn properly and learning the correct things,” Olorunnimbe added.


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